FAQ - How to Get C Coin?(obsoleted)


Sorry, we have NOT completed the C coin system yet, it will be released in the uttermost far future, please do not continue to read, thanks.

CodeGen Coin

Friendly Reminder: If you don't have read the introducion chapter, please read it firstly.

C Coin, namely CodeGen Coin. Simply, you can deem it as QQ Coin. If the remaining balance of your account isn't enough to purchase the paid service you want, you can transfer money into your account according to the exchange rate between the coin in the real world and the CodeGen coin in the virtual world.

Uh... Why do we need an exchange rate to measure its value?

Firstly, please be noted that the CodeGen coin cannot be equal to the legal national currency. It's meaningful only in CodeGen System. Listen, we don't want to get in trouble, we assume all of the users understood the essential meaning of CodeGen Coin.

Secondly, why do we need an exchange rate to measure its value? Good question! We really appreciate these users who support us at the beginning of CodeGen development. We all know these useful features cannot be developed in a night, as well as many bugs need to be fixed in a long process, all in all, frankly, our early users suffered and spent time waiting for the new features..

Based on that, we created an exchangeable mechanism that can benefit the users who started using the CodeGen service earlier. The earlier you started paying for CodeGen ToolBox, the more benefits you will get.

So, to be specified, we designed some rules as below, you can read it and apprehend how it works:

  1. C Coin will develop in a slowest rising trend, it will never fall down but rise up only.
  2. Today, Aug 28, 2022, we announced its initial price as 0.5 RMB and defined its APR as 15.6%.(APR refers to Annual Percentage Rate)
  3. Once the user bought C Coin, or received C Coin by sponsoring CodeGen ToolBox, if it's the first time the user has the coin, CodeGen allows him/her purchase new C Coin at the fixed price since then.
  4. Presently, we thought C coin should not be exchanged casually since we have not found a solution to refine its exchange system among users.

A little bit strange, why does C Coin will never fall down?

We pondered that CodeGen ToolBox needs time to improvded its comprehensive abilities for users. Therefore, if we released a paid service, it means that the paid service might not be perfect everywhere, some defects can be found while using the paid service. So at the begining of CodeGen ToolBox, we will set a lowest price for our users.

Its value depends on CodeGen ToolBox, we thought it will not decrease its value at any rate.

What did you mean the fixed price since the day I bought?

For instance, if you bought C Coin on 28 Aug, the prevailing price was 0.5 RMB, and it's the first time you started touching the C Coin in your account.

No matter how the C Coin rises, you can always enjoy the price 0.5 RMB to buy new C Coins.

Last but not least, C Coin will not reach to its limitation, namely the rising of C Coin is endless, please don't deem 1.0 RMB as its end price.

So, where can I see the C Coin System?

Currently ,the C Coin exchange database was managed by CodeGen Team manually. Haha, Would it sound like an old-fashioned style? Yeah! We would like to manage the C Coin manually due to the time limitation of developing internal system. Currently, we are using Excel to manage our C Coin data, and we will back-up these data in Cloud per minute, I don't think it's an action art but it really looks like the world in which the comptuer hasn't been invented.

Don't worry, we really hope you can believe us that we will manage these records carefully before an well-designed internal coin system is finished. Except for the internal system, we also have order transaction records in AliPay or WeChat system, that's a fantastic temporary solution apart from tiresome...

Since presently we still have no paid service, we think it's okay as long as we have transaction screenshot. You can also calculate your present C Coin value by yourself.

All in all, just feel free to sponsor us, and we guaranteed that we will record your sponsorship amount and related C Coins.