Advanced Planning - Promised UpComing Features

Promised features in the future.

Fulfilled Goals

  1. Regex expression tester [Completed on Sep 20, 2022]
  2. Multiple User Mode [Completed on Sep 27, 2022]
  3. Linux Arm64 Version [Completed on Sep 27, 2022]
  4. Date Calculator [Completed on Sep 1, 2022]
  5. JDK and JRE Downloader [Completed on Sep 4, 2022]

We promised that we will develop the following items but are not limited to them, and please be noted these items are sorted in priority.

  1. Desktop Application, which can support quick call out the features you want.
  2. Redis console
  3. FTP tools
  4. SFTP tools
  5. local file system management
  6. Hibernate generators and similar DAO generators
  7. advanced algorithm tools regardless of whether they are popular or not.
  8. binary and hexadecimal visualized file reader
  9. logging file reader
  10. file history viewer
  11. automatic file backups tools
  12. HTTP API Tools
  13. NetStat Network Tools
  14. automatic database backups tools
  15. generating code from Github smartly according to your needs
  16. Integrated in the popular IDE, such as VSCode, Jetbrains and VisualStudio and so on.
  17. Advanced Code Snippets Management
  18. Docker ARM-64 versions
  19. Screen Capture Tools
  20. Screen Recording Tools
  21. SSH Terminal
  22. Local Terminal
  23. SSH Proxy and Port Binding
  24. Local Mock Server
  25. Other useful functions....
  26. SQL Analyst and SQL Audit, Execution and related functions

Due to the lack of time, we still have not list all of these functions we will develop, please stay tuned via our official website or the latest video on Bilibili