Advanced Planning - Premium Account

Why does CodeGen have a premium member mechanism?

Though CodeGen is aiming to be totally free software, however, CodeGen Team needs to survive in the world while undertaking the costs of server and related expenditures.

Firstly, we'd like to let you know that we need to be charged for these expenditures, then you probably will understand us why we are going to provide a premium member mechanism.

  1. Desktop Application Certification
  2. Cloud VPS, Storage and Backups
  3. New Designed Language (not yet affordable for us presently)
  4. WeChat Official Account and WeChat Mini Programme(It will be released soon.)
  5. Other expenditures...

All in all, we really appreciate that our ealier users can help us improving each aspect of CodeGen ToolBox, and we will also appreciate those who can buy premium member to support us.

The pricing of becoming the one of CodeGen Premium members

Regarding the detail of pricing, please kindly find it in the index page of our official website.
One thing is very clear, the pricing will only rises and never fall down, and you can enjoy permanent and fixed price once you paid an order successfully.