Upgrade and Rollback - Our Commitment

The guarantee for our users

We will never infringe upon user's privacy and interests, we hold the opinion that privacy matters above all things, meanwhile, to achieve this commitment, we hereby guarantee you the following items, but not limited to the following items:

  • CodeGen will NEVER analyze or upload your files on this PC
  • CodeGen will NEVER use the device to launch any kind of attack or abuse.
  • CodeGen is aiming to improve developer’s efficiency and save time as much as it can
  • Without the user’s definite permission, CodeGen will NEVER read/write your files or execute any unexpected operation.
  • CodeGen is offline-able software, which means you can use it as well without the Internet.

Will CodeGen send unexpected requests with carrying my private data?

No, you can open your dev-tools by pressing the key F12 to audit whether CodeGen will send unexpected requests or not.

At the same time, we want to explain some requests we will send in case you maybe will get confused.

  1. verify-page: verify if current route page is available to use
  2. verify-version: verify if current verrsion is available to use