Getting Started - Supported Platform

How many platforms will CodeGen service supports?

According to the usage status of developer's platform, we don't support 32-bits since it's too old to run. No worries, please be assured that we will support as many popular platforms as we can, there're a platform listings as below we already supported:

  1. Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11(64-bits)
  2. All Linux Distributions(64-bits)
  3. All Mac OS Intel Versions(64-bits)
  4. All Mac OS M1 Versions(64-bits)
  5. All Platforms which supports Docker Container(64-bits)

Factually, CodeGen Service will not be limited to some particular platforms. As long as your platform supports JRE and Node.js, CodeGen ToolBox is always able to support running over it.

If you really hope CodeGen ToolBox can support 32-bits or another OS (such as FreeBSD), please raise an issue on Github Repository, your suggestions are highly valued and we will support extra platforms as soon as possible.