Frequently Asked Questions

How to install CodeGen ToolBox of desktop version?

As you can see, we provide multiple installation types, for instance, exe, dmg, AppImage, etc...

Too often, the CodeGen desktop version does NOT require the Internet, you can feel free to use it in the offline environment. Just one thing please be noted that CodeGen will copy app resources to your home directory as some operation systems can have no write permission in their internal installation location. Therefore, you will find a initialization page will be opened when you open CodeGen ToolBox firstly, no worries, it will only take several minutes and will be run only once.

Lastly, you should NOT download our software on unofficial website under any circumstances, it will relate to the security of your PC.

About Code Signing

Firstly, thank you for downloading CodeGen ToolBox. We need to mention something to you which relates to the code signing and some settings.

We are already applying for the code signing for the desktop application, but up to now, the installation package you are downloading is still NOT being signed. Consequently, you probably will face some warning or blocker in your browser or operation system due to the lack of code signing certification.

Please be assured that we will NOT do harmful things or operations to your personal computer, you can trust us, nevertheless, these warnings are really annoying for you and us, but you can still ignore these warnings to use this desktop version by simply skipping or adjusting some settings.

We list some technical articles for you in case you need to ignore these warning. Lastly, We are truly sorry for the inconvenient brought to you. (CodeGen has no commercial cooperation with these article publishers, it is only for your reference.)

CodeGen - Download Page

Just one more step away, you can download the software codegen-v1.8.65 immediately after having inputted the verification code.

CodeGen is not yet supported code signing, note that the user should read these FAQ above before downloading
I understood how to install CodeGen desktop by reading these tips above