Frequently Asked Questions

How to startup the local service of CodeGen?

After exacting the package file that you just downloaded to the target folder, you would find there's a startup script inside the unpacked folder, which can be used as launching the CodeGen service.

Since the 1.3.0 version, we upgraded the architecture of CodeGen already from Desktop Application to Web Based Portable System, which means you can launch and move its data/procedures anywhere at any time whatever you like, meanwhile, we believe it can improve the ability of its extensibility and lightweight runtime either.

Startup Commands

If you are using Windows operation system, please double click the script startup.bat to start its local service.

If you are using OSX(Mac) system, please double click the script startup.command in finder to start its local service.

If you are using Linux system, please execute the script in terminal to start its local service.

CodeGen - Download Page

Just one more step away, you can download the software codegen-v1.8.65 immediately after having inputted the verification code.

CodeGen is not yet supported code signing, note that the user should read these FAQ above before downloading
I understood how to install CodeGen desktop by reading these tips above