Crowdfunding Planning

As what we said before, CodeGen is an offline-able software without any expenditure, we also guaranteed that we will not put any ADs in CodeGen ToolBox. But to be frank, it’s really hard for us to undertake so many overheads, such as public cloud servers, bandwidth, CDN, related purchase costs of certification, and so on.

To be specific, we still need enough operational funds to fulfill the below items:

  1. Server Costs, including CDN, COS, and related necessary API, are almost 1k-2k RMB per year.
  2. EV certificate for Desktop Application, which costs almost 2k RMB per year. (Not yet purchased)
  3. Apple Developer Identify, which costs 600 RMB per year and is also related to the certification of desktop application. (Not yet purchased)
  4. WeChat Mini Program and Official Accounts for the future version of CodeGen ToolBox, which costs 300 RMB per year. (Not yet purchased)
  5. Other expenditures

Help Preserve This Project

Therefore, that's why we would like to launch the planning of crowdfunding with awkwardness and anxiety. We rejected all ADs from cloud manufacturers and companies. Without those rejections, we will no longer be able to insist on making the decisions the way we think is right for the users. Now, we hereby guaranteed you the following items if you could help us via one of the QRCode below.

  1. Whatever the amount you will sponsor, we will record you as the one of our sponsor user.
  2. We probably will provide some paid services in the future, such as cloud synchronization service, rapid transmission service and other paid service that will highly improve your work efficiency but probably be developed with lots of effort and energy. For these paid services, as a sponsor user, you will be given a 10% discount permanently.
  3. The more amount you sponsored, the more C coin you will get. With regard to the meaning of C coin, please view the doc C coin.
  4. After finishing the sponsorship, please be noted that you need to provide related transaction information. Then we will verify your sponsorship order manually and send an E-Mail to you which will includes the sponsor-ID and official promises. Or the other way, if you use QQ, please join the QQ sponsor group via ID 779160217, it’s an easier way to identify the sponsorship you paid.
  5. Please take it easy, we can also identify the amount of sponsorship you paid as long as you can provide transaction screenshot.

pay image pay image

Presently, we only support sponsoring via AliPay and WeChat, if you need any support please contact us via E-Mail or adding the my QQ account 3378530257
If you have finished the payment, please click the button below to input your order information and E-Mail address. No worries, it will not spend too much time. The next step isn’t mandatory, but we hope that you can provide related information so that we can give an ID for our sponsor to identify each order.

Something can be found after having sponsored.

Thanks for spending time reading this page! As what the subtitle mentioned, this page is not the end, which resembles the rest of the road for CodeGen ToolBox, there's something always waiting for us to expolore.
Now, if you have completed the sponsor, please try clicking the green button above and see what going to happen.