Getting Started - Docker Version

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The Image is provided and maintained by CodeGen ToolBox Team. Once we release a newer version, we will synchronize the latest version in DockerHub at the same time.


We presume that you already installed the Docker service on the PC, meanwhile, you are familiar with the conceptual knowledge as well as the limitation of Docker, otherwise, we would suggest the traditional way to use CodeGen ToolBox which obtains more abilities and can be installed easily as well.

Getting Started

1. Docker Image for Arm64 or M1 chip

If your devices is running on arm64 or M1 chip, please use the name codegentoolbox/official-arm64 to replace the corresponding name below

2. Pull the Image

Pulling CodeGen ToolBox of the latest version, please execute the command as below:

docker pull codegentoolbox/official

You can pull the specified historical version if you like. Please replace v1.x.x with the actual version value you wanted.

docker pull codegentoolbox/official:v1.x.x

3. Name and Run CodeGen ToolBox

Please be noted CodeGen ToolBox needs 2 ports while running the instance, one 52011 will be used for the launch page, and the other one 52012 will be used for the main portal system.

docker run --name mycodegen1 -p 52011:52011 -p 52012:52012 -it "codegentoolbox/official:latest"

Please be noted the command above will generate a UUID as its access token, if you want to define your own token value for the launch page, you can add an argument like the command below. At the same time, it means you don't have to find the link in the logs, instead, accessing the host+port without any parameter would be enough, the launch page will ask you for the token you set.

NOTE: Please do not use a simple token or the example token! You must provide a complex token value to protect your service.

docker run --name mycodegen10 -e LAUNCH_TOKEN=<your password> -p 52011:52011 -p 52012:52012 -it "codegentoolbox/official:latest"

4. Name and Run CodeGen ToolBox in Daemon Mode

docker run --name mycodegenDaemon -d -p 52011:52011 -p 52012:52012 -it "codegentoolbox/official:latest"

5. View the latest output

docker logs -f mycodegenDaemon

6. Finding the URI in the output logs

Docker version will not jump link automatically, please find the link in the logs and replaced the host with the actual one.


Limitations of Docker Version

Due to the technical limitation known of running inside the Docker environment, we're afraid of the fact that these functions below would be unavailable, if you really need these functions, please DO NOT use the docker version, instead, use our client version directly.

  1. Specifying Local File Path in Some Functions.
  2. Opening a Directory or File in your operation system, either Generating PC file in your operation system. It doesn't work since factually its File-System is based on the docker environment.
  3. Related Local Network Analysis (Such as some functions that resemble Port Detector)


If this service will be accessed remotely, please replace the default IP address with the factual IP address in the access URI, otherwise you will encounter the unaccessible issue.

Contact Developer

If you encounter any issue while using CodeGen ToolBox, please feel free to contact us by the contact below at any time, we are pleased to help you.

  1. Github Issue:
  2. E-Mail:
  3. QQ Group ID: 106038310